Arolla Ô Massages

After your active day outdoors or for your simple pleasure, treat yourself to a moment of pure relaxation.

Séverine*, a graduate in classic massage and therapeutic plantar reflexology, offers various treatments, whether for relaxing or therapeutic purposes.

A true source of relaxation, classic massage helps release tension, allows the body to relax and the mind to calm down. It is appropriate for specific situations by the direct benefits it provides.

Plantar reflexology is a very effective technique to stimulate our capacity for self-healing. It relieves stress and revives the different systems of our body.

Depending on the pain or pathologies that you present, a combination of the two methods may be offered to you.

Classic and sports massage / Therapeutic plantar reflexology

* ASCA approved

From winter 2022/2023

From December 2022, the following additional treatments will be offered to you: * Amma/Sitting Massage * Mobilization and stretching * Osteo-articular assessment.